Different Places for Using Talavera Tiles in Your House



Talavera tile

Talavera Tile:  proves to be a great eye catcher while decorating house. Nowadays, people like to decorate their houses with tiles, as they are waterproof and save your walls from getting damp. However, you may not like to cover all the areas with tiles. Some of the best ways of using these ceramic tiles are as follows.


kitchen Tiles

kitchen Tiles: Your kitchen needs to be neat and clean but more than that, it should be strong. It goes through all heavy things like fie, steam, water splashes etc. t becomes essential for you to cover the kitchen walls with tiles to keep them free of dampness and getting dirty. The smoke and food marks become very tough and make the walls look dirty. With help of Talavera tile, you can make your kitchen beautiful. When it looks stunning, your mood to cook turns pleasant. The tiles are beautiful and washable so you can remove the smoke easily. You can create attractive look by placing stylish tiles near kitchen sink.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles: Bathroom is a watery place and there are complete chances of the walls getting dump. The marks of water make the wall look worse. Almost everyone likes to cover the whole bathroom with tiles. Why just cure it from dampness when you can enhance the beauty with help of designer tile? Not only the tiles but also you may also use the Mexican switchplates in the bathroom. They look very attractive in bathroom and complement in the look of tiles.


Sink Area

Sink Area: Most people have sink area in a corner of house where they can wash their hands without entering the bathroom. This area may also have impact on your house beauty. You can make it attractive by using Talavera tile and creating a texture with the same. There are many textures available in this tile and each of them is unique because they are handmade by the crafting people. Select the texture that you think will enhance the beauty of this area and make this a special place people love to see. 

Rainbow Talavera Toggle-Outlet Switch PlateSwitch plates: You need nothing that looks odd in your house then why adjust with the boring switch plates you can use the designer tiles in form of switch plates. Mexican switchplates come in different switch options. According to your requirement, you can find the plate or ask for a customized plate. This makes your walls look attractive and prevents you from the electricity shock. Whether you use them in rooms, kitchens or bathrooms, these Mexican switchplates will compliment the design of your house. Entrance of house

Natora Talavera Mexican Tile

Talvera Mexican Tile

Are you looking for something creative? Give your guests a royal welcome with the unique designs of Talavera tile. You can keep them in any shape according to the entrance of your house. The uniformity of the structure will give you a great look you may like a simple design or a combination of two or three designs side by side or in a better organization. There are numerous possibilities. The outer side of house generally loses its charm soon because it has to face the force of sunlight, water and wind. The increasing pollution and dust in air worsens the condition. However, you may not like your house entrance to look bad. These ceramic tiles will give you a fine look and easy to clean. The beauty of tiles will not fade in short time and you will get rid of maintenance cost. Simply wipe the dust out and get the charm of the wall back.


Once you decide to use Talavera tile for decorating your house Mexican style, there are numerous possibilities. Search for the best designs or ask for some customized designs you have in your mind. The combination of art and quality material will give you a perfect look.


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